Miss Mary Connors adjusts her lip gloss
Possibly to prep or impress and
Caress the desires of
an unimpressed boy-
vulnerable of heart
Yet I sit behind, unnoticed.

Hunter Lyn
Sharpens his writing utensil for
His perfect notes
To the satisfaction of an un-adoring
Yet I sit behind, unnoticed

Holly Jones tilts her head
Like a slope of weariness
Dreaming of days when her father
Would stop yelling into bottles
Late into the night
Yet I sit behind, unnoticed.

Unnoticed by my wide library book
Spread across the wooden desk

Unnoticed of my slick grin

Unnoticed until someone peaks below
To the active source of my contented,
Adolescent glow.

Unnoticed like a lazy duck in a tub I


Alyssa Fernandezpoem