I’m doing mighty fine with these rhymes so I wanna thank you for being on my mind.
Thank you for being my muse, the fuse that sparks this electric feeling.
But, no
No thank you for stealing my heart and making me fall apart.
It’s not fair you see, for you to be happy without me.
I get it though…
It’s because I’m a “hoe” and a “hoe” is a definite no go because apparently she’ll blow everything in sight.
Not the blow you might think.
Not the blow that seems to be every man’s kink.
The kind of blow that makes you go “oh…shit.”
Because she is it.
She is a bad bitch.
She is the one that makes you feel dumb.
She blows your mind with the way she intertwines her words in these saucy slurs.
You know,
She prefers to be alone,
To sit at home and write out of spire, drinking a sprite, wondering who she’s going to smite next.
Who’s going to be her next project?
Could it be you?
The one in the blue that doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on.
Doesn’t have a clue that she will be gone by the morning left with you there mourning because you want more.
You’re looking to score again.
But, that is not my plan.
My plan is to demand respect.
To not be neglected again.
I want the others to eat the sand I walk on because I am not one to be knocked off.
I’ve been hurt too many times to just find one rhyme that embodies how I’m feeling.
That y’all got me reeling.


Katie Lascano

You can find Katie on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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