Artist: Vivy Phan

Artist: Vivy Phan

Title: pioneers
Date: 2016
Media: Multimedia Installation (sound, cardboard boxes, paint)

Description:   All around the world, girls are deprived of education, health access, and basic rights. In particular, the gap between girls and boys in education strongly hinders a developing nation’s break from poverty. Lack of education hinders girls from gaining access to jobs and propelling their family forward out of poverty. An extra year of primary school will increase a girl’s future income by 10-20% and an extra year of secondary school will increase a girl’s future income by 15-25%. If the joblessness gap between girls and boys was closed, a country’s GDP would increase up to 1.2% in a single year. In Uganda, 85% of girls leave school early, resulting in $10 billion of potential earnings lost. A pioneer is a person who is first or among the earliest in any field of progress. UT GirlAdvocates' Week of the Girl 2016 is dedicated to raising funds for Estrella de Mar’s New Horizons Project, a program that empowers Guatemalan women with education and gives them the networking and job training resources for long term success. This program works with high school graduates who will be pioneers at the frontier of breaking the gender inequity gap and the cycle of poverty. They are empowered to be autonomous lifelong learners that will in turn impact the future generations and direction of the community and nation. The piece created here today is an integration of sound and space to exemplify the experience of empowerment, both in an individual and in a community. Each aspect of this piece is centered around progress, release, and freedom. As the visitor moves through the space, their mobility and freedom within the space increases, paralleling the experience of empowerment. The disintegrating barriers and boxes create a gradient of change in the space, referencing the breakdown of gender inequity and poverty. The soundscape of the piece dives into the freeing experience of personal empowerment and its release and shifting nature. An experience is a vehicle for communication; through this vehicle, each person is able to hear, walk, and become immersed in ideas about constriction, empowerment, and change.

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