Sash Fishman: Squiggle Garden

Artist: Sasha Fishman

Title: Squiggle Garden

Date: 2016

Media: Butcher paper, latex paint, fabric, hot glue, duct tape. 9' x 10' x 12' Room.

Artist Statement: This work is inspired mostly by bright colors and the fluid patterns that occur naturally in physics. I’ve collected all of these specific memories and moments inside my head that I connect seamlessly. While there is trouble expressing these memories in words, I am able to express and exaggerate them visually in my art. The funny part is that when I first plan out my artwork it always ends up nothing like I originally imagined it, but that is the beauty. I create work with the hope anyone can enjoy the piece, regardless of their background, and in turn connect people from all walks of life and bring them joy.


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