72 Hours: A Breakdown of the Boy that Ghosted Me

0:00 we match on Tinder
0:01 you send the first message
0:02 I respond
0:03 you send a stupid pickup line, unamused I give you an attitude
0:04 you acknowledge your stupidity and catch my interest.
0:07 revelation time, apparently we went to the same high school. I never recognized nor remembered you but you don't take it personally
0:10 we hit it off and text until midnight
12:06 I send you the first morning text and you reply almost instantly. That's what I appreciate, someone who cuts through the bullshit and messages back fast.
12:37 our first inside joke
15:46 nothing falters and I feel comfortable enough to say I'd be willing to meet. We make plans for the day after next.
24:00 after a day of texting I decide that you're an alright guy.
25:15 I ask to call but you say no
36:21 I sent another morning text
38:55 you reply
40:18 your messages are spaced out, responses are one worded
44:47 hardly anything from you
46:34 short text
50:14 a four hour block with no response, you say you fell asleep.
50:24 I ask about plans for tomorrow, you say it's still on
53:35 I go to sleep and you ask for me to send a text in the morning
63:04 morning text
65:26 nothing
68:57 nada
70:12 zilch
72:00 boys are stupid