The Cave

The other night had a dream about this cave that was at the bottom of a large ditch in the center of a secluded cornfield. The clearing in the corn was maybe two football fields wide and the cave sat at the furthest right corner against a rocky wall. In the distance I saw a group of four Hispanic children running in the cave laughing and out screaming with excitement. As I made my way to the cave, I could see red and black painted symbols on the exterior become much more prominent and menacing. When I approached the entrance the children briskly scurried out and past me making their way to the path leading out of the ditch. As I turned back around to look into the darkness of the cave I heard a very distinct laugh. It sounded like a child, but not the same as the kids who had just left the cave. I knew that whatever made that sound wasn't real or it was something to lure me into the cave. Whatever it was that lurked in the darkness was calling to me. So after I heard that laugh I turned to run, but in every dream I've ever had when I try to run it’s never fast enough. It's like I can feel in my chest that whatever is chasing me will inevitably catch me. I woke up with the feeling that I had already dreamt this before–– everything was so familiar. I knew I had to have been to that cave––it felt too real. Later it dawned on me that maybe I hadn’t actually been to the cave, but that feeling of familiarity was just my subconscious telling me I can't escape or even bury my demos. No matter how much I try to ignore my issues, they will always be there chasing right behind me. And that constant feeling of barely evading unwanted memories haunts me, even in my dreams. So maybe next time I dream about the cave, I’ll go inside and confront my demons.

Ilana MittlemanComment