Body Dysmorphia

A nightly ritual, she carefully disrobes
and eyes begin their inevitable dissection.

A self-subscribed horror show-
She unhinges her jaw and
a release is allowed.
A parade of crimson crisscrosses
billowing out into the sweet, 
dark air.

Neck breaking back,
her head begins to spin.
Now she is ball of flesh and red
throbbing on the ground,
extending out and back in.
Body bound by her own excretions.

A fingertip a time, she begins to unravel:
Backwards twisting her wrists
Breaking her limbs in half
Sharp inhales
Her throat is a blade
Slashing at binds

She slowly sprawls,
flat back,
a whole body returns
back into the black.


By Hayley McGaugh

Venuspoetry, submissionComment