poems about sex with boys

we are fourteen and confused
we keep doing it publicly when it isn’t
really even that fun

i said “don’t hit me that hard,” you said
you thought i was one of those
masochistic internet girls
you hold a knife to my leg as a joke
i say “go ahead” and i am hiding a scar that reads “slut” for months

i was both intimidated and disgusted
by the sports illustrated calendar on your wall
but i thought you were cute in high school and i was still angry at my ex, so
i have never been more bored
by anything in my entire life

a lot of boys have called me beautiful
but you were the first one i thought meant it
which is a little weird considering
you were too drunk to keep it up


By Sophia Parsons

Author statement: The title is pretty self explanatory - i like to use writing as a means to document some ugly interactions and feelings that stick with you but that you wouldn't normally get to talk about. and also as a way to call out some shitty boys in my life that i probably won't ever talk to again.

You can find Sophia on Instagram and Tumblr.

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