Artist Spotlight: Tanya Gantiva


UT Austin art student Tanya Alejandra Gantiva, 21, was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. Her work concentrates on movement and fluidity of color. Tanya practices the experimentation of various mediums together with a concentration on the process more so than the product. She seeks to evoke emotion through abstract forms and repetition of line. While Gantiva has a focus on painting and printmaking, she enjoys fusing her painting with sculptural aspects. "My content revolves around the celebration of the female form, surreal landscapes and the exploration of color. Social justice, women's oppression, alter-realities and psychology are all big themes in my work.", Gantiva says.

untitled , Acrylic on canvas

untitled, Acrylic on canvas


"This is my work in progress, as I began college I was exposed to the reality of sexual harassment both personally and through my girl friends. I have the intent to portray the feeling of being perceived as a disposable object." 


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice  , Mixed Media on Canvas

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice , Mixed Media on Canvas

"Our bodies are so beautiful and in this work I wanted to exaggerate the themes that are culturally given to women. Glitter, pink, sensuality and nudity are all usually seen in the context of objectification and sexualization. However I am painting with the intent to heighten these characteristics as empowerment of the female form." 

Cuca cutters , 117 silicone & glitter sculpture installation

Cuca cutters, 117 silicone & glitter sculpture installation


" Women are constantly trying to live up to female beauty ideals. The cosmetic surgery of the "designer vagina" was my inspiration to speak on the often unexplored subject of vaginas and to support that beauty is the appreciation of uniqueness. Anxiety and discomfort of female nudity results in insecurities. With something as personal as one's vagina , it is common to question whether yours is "normal" or "pretty". Although this standard of a perfectly symmetrical vulva is an extreme but real issue, it is just one example of the many unrealistic ideals that women compare themselves to everyday. Love and celebrate your body babes." 


You can follow Tanya and her art on instagram. You can buy tickets to her March showcase here