Lexapro Weed and God (Her)

They keep me sane,
In each i’ve found something almost sane
almost completely there
What one could not do, the other finished
and She remained
inside of me
kept telling me to go
one day you’ll cum
and on that day they’ll be there
maybe all 3
maybe 2
always 1

I found God when I was young
maybe 2
maybe 4
I met Him again 11 years into the century
and yet another time in my dreams
2016 pleased to meet you
She was unmasked

I smoked weed with a bong
chipped my tooth that same day
17 at Paleo
I smoked regularly 18, 19, 20, 21
I think now at 22 I’m getting it

Lexapro came after I tried to kill myself
December 31, 2016
prescribed January 1, 2017

The trinity of my survival
God is in self too mind you
God is self mind you
She and He have always been
Me and Them


By Lorraine Okafor

Author note:
I wrote it high, I think. Basically the three things that give me some sort of peace. If not peace, at least not depression. First piece of personal writing I've ever shared. Do your magic.

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