From a girl who was asleep five years ago

I lost what I thought we were.

You were lost in my body.

I felt every movement.

You felt me

Touch me—

My body called to you.

A place to put your mark on

As I slept.


My hand in yours


between your legs.

My body still

Eyes closed, wide awake

Touch me—

My body called to you.

As I willed myself to stay asleep


Stay. Asleep.

You still believe—

I was asleep.


But when you call

I pick up.


--Finally, I wake.


By Isabella Lemos

Writers note:
This is a story I am unable to tell; yet need to tell. We all have our past which we keep hidden within our minds-- waiting for the right moment to break free. I hope this moment of coming out will help others to face their fears and to let their own truths be spoken. Unfortunately I am not much of a writer so thanks to my dear friend Frances Molina, I was able to edit this into the poem that we all can read. Released to the public. Remember--- you are not alone. And any incident that hinders your future is not to be discredited because it is "Not that bad".

Love, Bella