Never Trust The One

You could’ve been the one. If life were easy you would've been the one. But you're an alluring coward, a rat, a trickster fox, that won his prey, and had his way. 
But I hope to see you again anyway. 
I ate it up, the lunch of lies you prepared. I should’ve known, the internet has a mind of its own. It was never the place to find the perfect scone. 
But I thought it would be okay! You knew my close friend so I said hey, she said you were lovely and yay! Throughout the 48 hours we shared a tête-à-tête, I felt a sincere connection. It’s silly, I hardly knew your reflection. Yet I knew I liked you. Or was it just the idea of you?
You disappeared like festive ornaments after Christmas day. It didn't feel ok. 
It all vanished... our plans to meet, our compiled shared music and free spirit environmental interests. You vanished, without a word. You, a creature unlike I had ever met before, left as if we had truly never crossed paths.
Mothers talked to mothers and to my horror we all discovered...that you had a girlfriend. 
A girl just like me....
You were just an alluring coward, a rat, a trickster fox, disguised as a wonderful creature that captured me, without really even trying. What were you trying?
And yet do I still hope to see you again someday soon? 
I thought you could have been the one, but you were nothing but scum.
I left my circle loose allowing you room, but now I'm left to tie it back into a stifled crescent moon. It seems now, impossible to remember how to trust another.
Maybe I won't, ever. It's probably for the better. I won't trust another appealing letter. Ill let myself stutter, find my way, and leave before they have a chance to mutter. 
And the worst part of it all you ask? Oh where do I plunge in!
That I only knew you 48 hours. This feeling is strange and foolish. I’ve never been the girl to let someone in so soon, to be so naive. 
But now I know, you and the rest of them at this moment, and in all the moments of time, you are all just alluring cowards, rats, and trickster foxes.
What a mess, yet I'm left to fret; embarrassment and melancholy fill my pitcher, till I overflow with sincere regret. 
If life were easy you would have been a delicious plum and never would have stung my unguarded tongue. 
You were a scum, but you ended up being the one. 
You were the one… the one that stuck around for a day. 
We helped each other find our way and broke through the dreamy haze.
Now I’m glad you came, but I’m ready to see you go away. I’m saying goodbye, thanks for staying a day! 
I’m glad you danced away, in the sincerest way. 
Did either of us really care anyway?

By Emily Schamlstieg

Note from the author:

This piece is definitely about not giving trust away too easily. But it's also more about living in the moment. This idea comes through more at the end but I hope this piece shows the beauty of enjoying the moment to moment. As a whole, don't put expectations on things or fantasize situations. This mystical, "one" doesn't have to be a life long soul mate. It could just be a passing stranger whom you've had a small chit chat with, then both went your separate ways. People of all genders and ages can be "the one" and it doesn't have to be romantic.Because people influence you or have an impact on your life in some way or another, big or small, that is what makes them "the one." I suppose overall this piece is a warning, but also a piece that shares a message of the joy you can find in sad situations by looking at it in a different light. Or that if you don't think too far ahead and enjoy the present you can find joy in moments everywhere. Lose expectations but keep your heart and gut instincts close by!