Artist: Lauren L'Amie

Title: Face/Hand

Media: paint, mixed media collage

Note from the Artist: "I am a firm believer in the notion that everyone can draw. No matter if you've never done it before. Recreation of forms is one of the most basic human instincts. I'm an abstract painter, but I grew up trying my hardest to be someone who could draw hyper-realistic portraits. When I was in art school, I was always self-conscious about my technical skills sitting at an easel next to another more precise and calculating student - was I drawing accurately enough, correctly enough? This idea of "correctness" in making is something that has always interested me. The majority of my work is gestural painting, or mixed media collage because that's where I feel most comfortable. Yet I always assumed that wasn't the "correct" way to draw figures. This series is a study in creating a union between gestural painting, mixed media collage and traditional charcoal figure drawing. Some faces are a little wonky, some hands are oversized. Drawing is a gesture, an expression, and never incorrect."

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