The battle cry

If she wears little clothing,
she's labeled and degraded. 
But ironically-
it's nudity that sells the most. 

There are industries
that make profit off of
making women feel uncomfortable
in their bodies-
The same bodies
that have enough power
to give life. 

We worship Goddesses,
but also treat women as commodities-
we rape. We abuse. 
(As if there's something in me
you can conquer.) 

We lust after them,
only to forget that they
are actual, breathing beings-
with emotions and beating hearts. 
(You will never destroy this voice.)

Under all the complexities
and all the chaos-
if only they knew
that we are all human. 
All of us. 
Human. Human. Human. Human. 
(Say it again for the people in the back)
Even though we often forget to be. 
Big breasts or thick thighs,
we are all human. 
And we're all a little broken,
but we're still standing on our feet. 
You see,
this is all we have to call home. 
This body. 
This forest full of wildfire. 
And sometimes to feel
the light-
you have to burn. 

Now is your turn.

Written by 19 year old award winning poet and activist Niti Majethia.

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