soon it will be may again
just as soon I'll have to pay again
when does my life get saved from this allegory of the cave
gory slave
instagram gore whore
irl she's so pretty but such a bore
she was so mean to me at a party once rot in hell you stupid c-
my gosh
I'm in love I think
I hardly ever want to blink
you're so lame
I hate you why don't you just move away
okay okay
I didn't mean that
I love you I need you
I'm lonely
just fuck me
why is it so easy to forget all the things you need
why is it so hard to forget to breathe
like native land you fuck me til there's nothing left
sacred trees and roots take their last dying breath
rape and death
my beating chest
why is it so hard to let go of your hand to save my life when i know
I don't really want to die