I keep pulling out my eyelashes and I don't feel pretty anymore
I don't like my clothes and I don't really listen to music
I don't know what I like
I don't know what I'm like

I like being drunk but I don't like how I act and I don't like how everyone who looks into my eyes has the same fucking look
Like they're in pain
Maybe it's just my reflection I don't even know my name

I keep trying to make this about you because it would make so much more sense but it's always been about me
that's the hardest part
I'd rather it still be you bringing me down
shredding me up
so I wouldn't have to do it anymore
cause im tired and I'm bored

I just want to be happy on my own all by myself
I just wanna be healthy and glad to be alive
I want to see flowers and I want to not want to die