Artist Spotlight: Brooklyn White

Brooklyn White is a writer, musician, and visual artist based out of New York. She has worked with Saint Heron, Teen Vogue, Rookie Mag, and more. We talked with her about her art and next steps. 

What mediums do you use, do you have a favorite?

I use paint (acrylic and watercolor), Microsoft Paint/Paint on Mac, pen, colored pencil, mixed media, marker, oil pastel, the Aviary app...whatever I can get my hands on. Right now, marker is my favorite because they’re cheap and portable.

What/who do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration is all around me at any given time. In the big obvious places, and in the little ones, too. My current inspirations are God, Black women, nature, and music. I really love drawing musicians while I’m listening to their work. It feels like I’m capturing their essence.

Can you describe your process?

The process depends on the size and medium. I’ll give a basic outline of a marker portrait though. If I’m feeling confident, I’ll just jump off the porch and hit the paper with marker. If not though, I’ll start with a colored pencil sketch. I usually do the face shape and eyes first; if you get the eyes right, I think you’ve got the rest. I don’t go into too much detail with the initial sketch, whether it be in marker or color pencil. Once I have a solid foundation or I get bored with the draft, I start coloring. Coloring is my favorite part, forreal. I get to have a lot of fun with the piece’s mood and my interpretation of shadows, highlights, etc. So yeah, my process is pretty simple.

I know you’ve worked with several big publications- do you have a dream collaboration?

I’d love to work on art for a Solange Knowles project. I’d like to creative direct a video, do a short animation, design album art or flyers… Solange is the one.

Do you have a central message/theme behind your art?


Lil Mama.jpg

What advice would you give your younger self?

Chill out shawty. You’re not lame, all the people making fun of you are. Enjoy the ride. All your dreams will come true; have faith.

What are some of your favorite female artists out there right now?

I’m really into Pamela Council. She’s an NYC based artist and I’ve been peeping her work for about a year. She’s done some pieces with acrylic nails - they’re so fire. I’d love to meet her!!!

What are your goals/next steps?

My next step is to stop being afraid of people. Weak people try to make up for their lack of internal glow by making those with power feel small. That’s happened to me a few times and I usually keep quiet outta fear and respect. That’s a dub though. I have things to do and I cain’t be a scaredy cat.

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