Television Love

I sit - I wonder, imagine, fantasize, bite my lip
I imagine unrealistic scenarios in my head that I begin to fall in love with
Everything is plastic and I realize I'm daydreaming but the feeling is so real
The rush I get through my body is exciting, like a kid discovering fireworks for the first time
It's like I'm watching a movie, I decide to sit on the couch and get comfortable
I begin to feel myself carving out the shape of my lips with my finger - gently
I got hungry and decided to eat the apple in front of me only to find out it was made of styrofoam
- I ignore it and continue watching the movie - 
I gaze at whats in front of me, the motion pictures never looked so beautiful. I'm in love
Two people, kissing, touching, feelings so clouded there's barely any room to breathe
Looking at one another beginning to feel warm just from each others presence
I wish you were here watching this movie with me
but you're on a different channel and
this isn't a movie

By Celeste Rojas