Musings from the past- On Home, Mothers, and The Good stuff

i. Mother
You should listen to your mother when she tells you about love.
Mothers know love. It is built into their bones.

ii. Home
Returning home, jolts you. Like an electrocution. Your once-home
screams at you and reminds you how you’ve changed. It feels
isolating. Like a lone white room without a mother.
So, you learn to be your own mother. It goes like this: “I don’t
know where I am going- I just do what feels good and right, and
I’m working on learning from the past”.

iii. Something more- A New Home
Sometimes it feels enough to know others are searching for it
too. That you are not alone because the man handing you coffee
searches for it, and that woman at the store yes, she does too.
We are all searching for the same safety, love-like in quality,
that will feed us with the love built in the bones of Mothers.

By Lauren Weik