By Miranda Elize

My first piece of advice to you is to never take advice. If it captures your mind, but messes with your heart, the confusion isn’t required. You aren’t weak for asking for help, and applying the advice doesn’t make you any stronger than you’d be if you made it without it.

Know this: we’ve all tried to cross oceans for people before knowing how to swim.
Remember this: some people drown. I do not know how to swim, yet I find myself constantly searching for life jackets, not realizing that I am the anchor. The captain steers the ship, but it doesn’t matter if there is no destination.

Understand that everybody does not remain constant. Some people will love in the beginning, and when I say beginning that could be years, but people change in the most unconvincingly, unconventional way possible daily. One day eyes can not be so soft and love can not be so strong. It is not your fault that you received the pain, but it is your fault on how you accept it.

One thing you should never accept is settling. Know your worth is more than countless crying nights, and wondering why the stars seem so close if the sky is  the limit. There are no limits. Life is the sky, and you are the stars.

Growth revolves around heartbreak. Pain is not stagnant, but it can burn you out. Healing and distraction go hand in hand, but only one carries longevity. Heartbreak does not only come in the form of relationships. It is the test you spent hours studying that couldn’t give you the grade you wished, the clothes that don’t fit you how it fit the girl on instagram, the acne that won’t clear, the body that won’t gain, the family that won’t listen,the mind that won’t stop buzzing, and the heart that won’t stop beating.