A Tribe Called Woman

our 21st century tribe

we do not chant songs like our grandmothers did, bleeding in a holy circle

but we clench our weapons

deeply nestled in our pockets

all while our arms are locked and linked

like a safe

night's masculine side is a test

we must pass through

and the monsters have all left our under-beds

and are creeping out to prey on our lives

and sometimes the gods turn a blind eye

when one of our pack members fall


is a word we do not utter

if one of our sisters is marked


we are all marked with the word



SURVIVOR is our tribe's name

and we scream it to the night sky

hidden under our breath

clenching our keys

walking home alone

in the dark


By Nicole Vickers

Author's note:

I wrote this piece after thinking how easy it is for men to walk home alone in the dark. I only feel comfortable doing so when I am with a group of friends, especially if there are males involved.