Inspired by Your Love is the Morning Sun by Al Green

Open your ears, and let me pour warm molasses into your mind.
Look into my eyes, and watch the clocks rewind to a place you have never been before.
Our ashy black feet shuffled across the hardwood floor,
Dancing slowly and steadily in ones and twos as the old heads would croon about love on the record player.
We could feel our hearts bounce out of chests as we basked in the aroma of burning incense.
We fiercely fight with our impulses in between stolen glances at each others lips and ducking our heads down to mask our warm cheeks
We swayed slowly in our ones and twos as the quiet horns in our song blew us away into a breeze of spirituality
We were unapologetically in love rocking back and forth in the middle of the living room
Your hands rested at the small of my back while my arms draped over your shoulders
Touch my skin, and find out what my love feels like.
Full, and black.
Like Etta’s gravely vibrato.
Like sitting on top of a washer machine with red lights overhead makings us dizzy and drunk from our own energy.
A place of solace and exhalation, like reading from the Holy book
Wide as all the oceans combined.
Like our grandparents, and great grandparents love stories
Timeless and rare.
All about each other, exclusively.

By Alyssa Bardge

This piece is about how love, in forms, is timeless.