Locked Out, Uptown Suburbia, Anne's Bag, Ally's Bag

By Raine Lipscher

The meaning behind the bag drawings started as a sort of parody of my friends and what they would carry if they had their purses spilled out everywhere. I sort of stretched what would actually be in their bags, but I wanted to exaggerate their personalities. I was inspired by "Carry this book" by Abbi Jacobson.

The houses piece I drew was just me trying to get out of my comfort zone as an artist and draw things I felt I had never really paid much attention to. I think buildings and landscapes can be really beautiful, especially suburbia. I find suburban neighborhoods so unique, as each house carries a different person with a different story in it.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

The last piece I drew was sort of a collage, and it was inspired by my favorite song from my favorite band -- "locked out" by daddy issues. I felt like I had a personal connection to the song, as I am also an angry teenage girl who will occasionally get treated poorly by men... I didn't really know where I was going with the drawing but I mainly wanted to capture the emotion and the images in my head that I felt while listening to the song.


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