the big bang

I know now why they call it the big bang
And why anyone would want to throw themselves into outer space
Without a tether.
Nothing can hold me to the earth.
I am careening past stars and moons but I keep coming back
To you.
Two asteroids crashing against each other over
And over and over and over again and each time I find
new craters and mountain ranges
And we’re creating new planets in our wake.
The universe expands with each collision and I know there’s so much to see
And entire worlds around us but right now there’s just me and you and this
Big bang explosion.
And light,
There’s so much light.
After years of endless black it’s like going outside after weeks of
Rain, and remembering that the sun exists and
I have no idea how long this last,
But the space between the stars seems to go on forever and we’re
Soaring past them and suddenly I know why they call it falling
In love.
We are falling
Into the endless sky.

by kaci pelias

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