it's never over (it's never over)

he tells me
the story of Orpheus and Eurydice
is not about love

i don’t believe him

"it's about greed, selfishness"
maybe he is just like Orpheus,
too cowardly to be honest
breaking when the stakes are highest

did he sing only to be able to say that he tried?
did he mean it?

when Eurydice climbed out of the underworld
she believed that following the light would be enough
to win her love
she didn't account for the impatience of man
or the stupidity

did he turn around out of love?
was it an escape route?
was it intentional?
I am clinging to the belief that maybe
Orpheus just loved her too much to wait

he tells me that love like that doesn't exist
not even in mythology and i plug my ears

i don't want to believe him

then i crawled on hands and knees
through hell to save us
and i felt anything but love
i crawled on hands and knees
and felt nothing

i am starting to believe him


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