By Theresa Desautels

“This is the first episode in a mini-doc series that explores the millennial generation. Each episode features a different millennial and their position on topics ranging from technology, social media, economics, identity, politics, art, science, and more. The vision is to create a mosaic of voices that illustrates the diversity of the millennial generation and inspires people to show up for each other. Through poking fun at our navel-gazing tendencies as well as showcasing our unique ingenuity, I believe that we can humbly learn from each other and continue to create positive social change.

After working in the traditional documentary world for the past 10 years, this is my first attempt at exploring new ways of documentary storytelling. My process for this so far has been to interview a subject with only a microphone for about an hour. Then I cut that interview down into a 5 minute episode so that it focuses on one topic. Then I design sets to match what's discussed in their interview, and film the subject in a sort of "video portrait' style. This episode used the color "millennial pink" as a through line, but I am not married to doing that for every episode. In fact, I'd like each episode to be as unique as the subject being interviewed (while still carrying a clear design aesthetic throughout). 

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