Walking on the streets is walking on people's hearts

"I used to feel quite unadapted when I came to New York City. But the fortunate thing is that I found a way to get over this situation. I walked out and got to know the people who lived in this city. 

I spent 8 weeks meeting strangers on the street, I talked to 64 strangers and they told me their stories. They taught me a lot of things, such as “faith”, “hope”, and “how to love.’’ 

This project made me realize that as long as we continue to moving forward in our life, we will intertwine with others and may have emotional interactions. Thus, walking on the streets is walking on the people’s hearts.

These 6 women that I paint is only the minority of 64 people that I met in New York City. But from my perspective, they can represent the most of women that are in New York City. No matter where they come from, no matter what kind of job they do, no matter where will they go next. They are optimistic, they are kind, they are tough, they have their personal lifestyle. Besides, they have their own attitude about life."

-Ye'er Shi