Self Care Tips for Coping with Election Results

Illustration by Jordan Joyce

Illustration by Jordan Joyce

The aftermath of the election is already rearing its ugly head. Hate crimes have increased and many women, especially POC and survivors of sexual assault feel unsafe. Here are some ideas on how to be positive as you process the news.

Surround yourself with the women in your life.

You don't have to deal with this on your own. Reach out to the women in your life and plan a night in with food, drinks, and love. This is an emotional time for everyone and being surrounded by laughter and support is what we all need.

Take a break.

It is okay to take some time to yourself to do absolutely nothing. You are not being lazy. There's a reason people always recommend bubble baths, a long one with some wine can help you relax and forget about reality, if only for 30 minutes. 

Stay off Facebook.

Nothing good ever comes from reading the Facebook comments. Just look away. You're inevitably going to have to face the fact that someone in your family is racist. You might have to unfriend half of the people you went to high school with. Unfriend, and then log off. The added negativity is not going to do you any good.

Be Kind to Others.

Offer a shoulder or an ear. This election is causing many groups lots of distress and potentially actual harm. Consider donating to many worthy causes such as Planned Parenthood, HRC, NAACP, and others listed here. 

Be productive.

You are allowed to take time to process and grieve, but the step after that is the most important. You have to start the long fight to show our country that women will not be stepped on and degraded. Let the people around you know that you will not stand up for a president that is a racist, sexist, hate-mongering, sexual predator. You have to vote in every local, state, and midterm election coming up. Write to your congressmen telling them that they have to fight for women or we will fight back. Use your voice for those who are unable to. 

Here is how to find your representative, and here is how to write an effective letter. 

Most Importantly, Don't Give Up.

This is frustrating, but turn that anger into motivation. Hate does not rule this country, love does. If we all stand up and make our voices heard, we will be impossible to ignore. As Hillary Clinton said herself,

"This loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it."



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