Creative Spaces Pt. 1

Creative Spaces is a series that highlights the places where artists of all different mediums choose to create, perform, or display their work.


Katie Broyles

Katie Broyles is a third year studio-art student at UT whose work explores several different mediums. She says she finds herself trying to create work about finding home, identify, and the complexities of anxiety, depression and dissociation. Her creative space is the Art Building because of the accessibility and the resources it provides to her as a student.

Sahana Srinivasan

Sahana Srinivasan is a comedian, performer and a filmmaker. She does stand-up around Austin as well as improv comedy with UT’s troupe “Snafu.” Though currently not involved, Sahana has held a few different positions on Longhorn Latenight, a comedy show on TSTV. Her positions have included Creative Director, where she helped direct and edit sketches, and Stand-up Spotlight Coordinator. She says this space allowed her to take on more leadership as well as pursue various types of art in one setting.

Nora Luders

Nora Luders is a musician and formed the band NÄM with her partner Sam. They met online on a musicians website and started collaborating, despite living in different countries at the time. She says that the familiarity and comfort of her bedroom creates a space that allows her to open up more creatively.