Creative Spaces Pt. 2

Creative Spaces is a series that highlights the places where artists of all different mediums choose to create, perform, or display their work.

Allison Webster

Allison Webster is a comedian, improviser, writer and filmmaker. “All of these crafts intertwine beautifully in doing what I love, which is to tell honest stories leading others to feel more comfortable and empathetic over the human experience.”

Her creative space is ColdTowne Theater. “The theater is full of unique voices that understand the fragility and intimacy of being vulnerable on stage. So, they ‘yes and’ your ideas and help provide reasonable guidelines to get your messages across. It’s very clear that everyone in the community wants you to succeed.”

“They encourage me to work on my craft, push boundaries, and most importantly, be me! ColdTowne is definitely a space I cherish and continue to grow in.”

Emily Barbin

Emily Barbin is an illustrator and an animator, who works full-time as a designer at a marketing agency in Austin. Her creative space is the barn where she trains her horse, River, who she began training last fall. River is an ex-race horse and was neglected before Barbin began working with him. “The process of working with a mistreated animal often feels creative. I'm constantly coming up with new ways to build his trust and improve his training.”

Working full time in the creative field can make it difficult for Barbin to pursue creativity outside of the office without feeling burned out. Spending time with River at the barn has given her a space to calm down and feed her creative spirit. “Even though I get most of my creative work done at a computer desk, the barn feels like my true creative space because my mind is relaxed and open when I'm working with River.”

Devon Morrison

Devon Morrison is a musician and a songwriter, working with varied instruments and processes. “I aim to always try new ways of writing/communicating with other instruments, I never want to limit myself by choosing only one process.”

Her creative space is her home, where she likes to write and practice in her room and on the porch. “I think it's important that the space you spend most your time in is a space that supports and nurtures creativity. I try to achieve this by filling the house with all sorts of art, and different colors and lighting to influence different moods.” Though she spends a lot of her time creating at home, she tries to always write her ideas down whenever and wherever she’s inspired.