On "Sorry Love", Introversion, and Balance: An Interview With Tia Gold

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Tia Gold shares a bit of herself in wake of her Crybaby EP.

I sat down with Tia some time ago and she shared with me how she settled into the artist that is known as Tia Gold. Tia Gold’s EP, Crybaby, was released July 15th and here I am nearly a month later! There’s no sense in beating myself up about it, so please enjoy.

Despite her hectic schedule, Tia is glowing and full of energy. Having had work at 7:30 am, going to Contemporary Christian Band practice and finally meeting with me at a Denny’s around 11:30 pm. Like any basic interview, I ask Tia how and when she began singing. "My older sister inspired me to perform Killing Me Softly by Lauryn Hill at a pop show my junior year in high school." Tia notes, however, that performing as the entity known as “Tia Gold” is still relatively new and even after four years she is still molding “Tia Gold” into the perfect artist. Interestingly enough, Tia swears that she is an introvert. "Throughout my childhood I moved around often and went to different schools. During that time I became really big on making others feel comfortable because I knew so well how it felt to be uncomfortable". Despite her own introversion, I note the ease in which Tia is so effortlessly opening up to me—a true sign that she is out to make even the most awkward individuals feel included. It’s not that hard to perform a popular song at a young age. Hell, there's probably VHS footage of me gyrating to anything by Britney Spears.

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But Tia blindsides me when she informs me that she’s been songwriting since the age of 12. Tia explains to me that she would doctor up the karaoke machine her grandmother gave her. Tia spent many days craftily recording her vocals and keyboard compositions on cassette tapes. Thankfully, Tia’s passion for her craft hasn’t dulled since. Today, Tia carefully balances working full time and being a strong mother to her daughter, all the while finding time to write, sing and perform. Tia accomplishes all of this by setting small goals for herself, and sectioning off time to "take care of what’s important first". Tia mentions that as a young mother she used to feel guilty about pursuing her dreams. Now however, she is constantly proving that being a good mother doesn’t mean forsaking her own goals and desires!

Tia Gold and producer Chris Rockaway are the dynamic duo behind Tia’s most recent releases. Tia’s face lights up with joy as she exclaims the eclectic nature of her producer, Chris Rockaway. Chris utilizes drums, keyboards and other instruments to help refine the style of “Tia Gold”.

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Though I initially compared Tia Gold to Toni Braxton, Tia cites Aaliyah as a heavy influence of hers. She is also inspired by Prince, The Dream and Jhené Aiko. Tia Gold wants her audience to experience her music as a harmonious combination of Beyoncé meets Gwen Stefani (I think that’s something we can all get behind). With infectious, anthemic tracks like, “Pretty Girls Love Sad Songs” and “Sorry Love” she's got our vote.

As a continuation of “Lonely on Christmas” in her Crybaby EP, Tia Gold takes us on a journey of self-love, heartbreak and growth.

On July 15th, Tia Gold and Director Colin C. K. Njemanze of Prometheus Rex Films released the minimalist music video for Tia Gold’s “Sorry Love”. The video opens up with an exclusive intro, “Love Drill”—a showcasing of Tia’s ability to make tunes whenever and wherever she might be.

Listen to the the EP, Crybaby, out now and follow Tia's journey on her website.