What a Geologist Looks Like

There is a notion out there that women cannot be successful field scientists and that they should stay in the lab to work. This summer I, along with some of my best friends, embarked on a six week field camp and proved that stereotype wrong. We hiked an average of 8 miles a day, completed assignments while not having beds or desks, went without showers for days, and battled the elements. Field game was grueling and I wouldn't care to do it again, but the bond between these girls made it all worth it and helped us all survive those long six weeks. 

We need more women to get involved in geosciences and change the stigma around women in the field. We are all firsthand witnesses that women can do anything men can do, and often have to do more. 

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Photos submitted by: Jasmin Alfaro, Chloe Bell, Allison Berti, Sara Sepulveda, Maria Reistroffer, April Treviño, Saloni Tandon

Jordan Joycescience