Venus Presents: Jackie Johnston

Photo by  Madi Myer-Cook.

Jackie Johnston is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. Growing up, Jackie was always fascinated by the guitar and begun playing at an early age. She wrote her first claimed 'decent' song when she was in the 7th grade. Since then, Jackie has been writing music pretty consistently, typically deriving her inspiration from other Indie Folk/Americana artists such as The Avett Brothers, The Head and the Heart, and Gregory Alan Isakov. "Walking" and "Align" are two of her oldest songs and are prime examples of this. She has recently taken an interest in jazz which is most evident in her song, "Only." In the process of writing "Only," Johnston toyed with a style of Brazilian jazz called Bossa Nova in an attempt to try something entirely new. As well as being a full time student at Baylor University and working as an American Sign Language Interpreting Intern, Jackie is currently independently producing an EP, and she hopes to release it within in the year. 

Check out her website here and let the angelic vocals and sweet acoustic strums take you away.