"Five Minutes"

"The Woman does not exist, though there are women. No one woman may stand for The Woman. To say it all about her, you would need all the women in the world." 

Her's "Five Minutes" struck several of the Venus staff members. Not only does the song reference some of our very strong beliefs, but the video alone includes stereotypes that women are plagued with even in today's society. From the first second of the video to the closing scene, the strikingly beautiful woman portraying multiple different facades has the viewer trying to connect the lyrics of the song to her performance in the video. Was LISWAYA exploiting the male gaze by having the man in the video have an approving smirk as he approaches the type of woman of his preference? It's possible that the different types of women portrayed in the video are to mirror the multifaceted women we come across today, but the inclusion of the male figure served as a reminder of how we are seen as one dimensional; how it takes only five minutes for someone to decide that they have a woman all figured out just by how they perceive her appearance. 

Cori ClementsmusicComment