Venus Spotlight: Paradise Sorouri

Paridise Sorouri is one badass that we can only honor by helping her spread the word. As an advocate for women’s rights in Afghanistan, Paradise expresses her concerns for women in her country as she performs in the rap duo, 143Band. Her work is extremely controversial according to the societal law in Afghanistan, and she has experienced violence and disproval because of this. After hearing one of her songs, and reading along with the English subtitles across the screen, I found myself wiping my tears and having to pause the video before finishing. I had to know more about her so I did some research and was in AWE of how amazing and strong this woman is. Paradise is the first woman rapper in Afghanistan, and is popular for exposing the discrimination and violence against women in her home country through her music. She is constantly reminded that what she is doing is dangerous, but beatings and death threats do not stop her from being a total badass. She protests the restrictions of the Taliban by refusing to wear a hijab, and by continuing her rap career with her husband, Diverse. Her life has not been easy, but she continues to expose the harsh treatment that women go through on a daily basis despite her life being in danger in doing so. 

I feel so grateful to live in a world where women like Paradise risk their lives to protect the lives of other women, and I can only wish that one day, this will not be a necessity. 


Here is a music video from 143Band, Paradise Sorouri's rap duo with her husband, Diverse. 

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