I'm About to Dive In: A New Beauty Hack

There are constantly new beauty hacks coming out. Do we remember using men’s Nivea shave balm as a primer or using a spoon to apply foundation? Ya, well I have discovered the next big trend before it explodes over the Internet. This trick I’m going to share with you all seems a little crazy, as all beauty trends really are, but trust me, it works.

Koreans are known for their skin care habits that help them achieve their flawless complexions. This Korean baby powder hack I’m going to share with you (also known as ‘Jamsu’) is easy and effective using only baby powder (or translucent powder) and a bowl of water to achieve that airbrushed look before a night out. Not only will your foundation look flawless, but the rest of your makeup will glide on easier and last longer! This trick will allow you to skip the baking process and the use of setting spray. So who’s in?


Step 1 (optional): Apply primer.

Step 2: Apply foundation and concealer (skip your usual powder as we will be using the baby powder or translucent powder next).

Step 3: Take a handful of baby powder and pat it all over your face. As much as you want. Go at it sister.

Step 4: Let it settle into your skin (just takes a minute or two).

Step 5: Fill a bowl of cold water (make sure it’s one you can fit your face into).

Step 6: Time to dive in! Dunk your face into the water for about 30 seconds (do the best you can here).

Step 7: Pat your face dry with a towel.

And voila! A flawless complexion. Now, go ahead and continue the rest of your makeup as usual.


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