Is This a Coping Mechanism or Just a Fun Drinking Game: Holiday Edition

I think I got pretty lucky as far as family goes, but there are inevitably some questionable comments when everyone comes into town for the holidays. Keep this bookmarked for easy access once things start getting awkward. All you need is some alcohol and maybe some cousins who feel the same way you do. Need drink ideas? We have you covered.

Take a sip if:

·       Someone says "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays".

·       Your grandma/mom/aunt complains about no one helping.

·       A relative asks about your grades.

·      You get called your brother or sister's name by accident. 

·       Auntie whispers catty remarks about someone when they are not in the room. 

·       You catch your teen cousins checking their phone under the dinner table.

·       A baby starts to wail.

·       You hear a backhanded compliment. 

·       Somebody digs up an ancient grudge. 

·       You hear anyone fishing for compliments about the dish they made from scratch.

Finish your drink if:

·       You get asked about your love life.

·       The family pet pukes on the carpet.

·       Your stingy uncle takes home the wine he gifted to the hostess with him when he leaves.

·       An older relative makes a sly remark about your facial piercing, hair color, or your appearance in general. 

·       A relative starts comparing you to their children/your cousins.

·       Someone suggests everyone play a game.

·       You catch someone asleep on the couch.

·       Your spoiled cousin has a temper tantrum about not liking his gift.

Take a shot if:

·       You hear the relative without children, give advice about raising children. 

·       Someone asks you what you plan to do when you graduate.

·       Your always-late uncle is once again tardy. 

·       Someone says something semi-racist.

·       Granny proclaims she is unappreciated.

·       Someone brings up the election, you may need to take two if Trump support is professed.