People seem to be at odds on believing in horoscopes, but for whatever reason the whole earth can collectively agree that 2016 was--well, shit. We're not just saying it for the memes, 2016 was a year filled with political disappointments, social setbacks, loss within the entertainment industry and just all around bad luck! Take me for example, I got hit by a car this year! No worries, I'm doing so much better, but like everyone else, I am ready for 2016 to END! 

The ending of a year means New Year's resolutions. If you're anything like me, the lists tend to be the same. The biggest thing at the top of my list this year is self-love. Ever feel like people around you are radiating with happiness? No matter what's going on with them? I've figured that something those people have in common is self-love. Even if they don't quite have it down yet, it's a fake-it-til-you-make-it kinda game. It's something I need to practice more!

For those wanting to be successful with accomplishing their resolutions here are some tips that will help you along the way!

1. Acceptance: Accepting the way your life is, is NOT defeat. Understanding is one of our greatest capabilities. Understanding is key to problem-solving. Accept your current situation and then get to work on your solution.

2. Prioritize: Some people make one resolution, I tend to make several. Having several resolutions allows me to order them. Things like getting healthy and self-love are at the top of my list and things like re-doing my wardrobe are closer to the bottom. By doing this, you won't feel burdened by trying to complete objectives all at once.

3. Be reasonable: While getting healthy is on my list, I don't think I'll be running marathons anytime soon. Be true to who you are! Find something you love and apply it to your resolution. Baby steps! Then you can be extreme later.. (This is especially helpful with health and fitness. Don't fall prey to diet trends without reading about them first.)

4. Planning: Make your resolutions specific and plan them out. Stick to the plan! Planning and coordinating brings you that much closer to actualizing your goals. I usually have a Plan B, ya know, just in case. In the past, I've used a journal to better organize my resolutions. One resolution is put at the top of a page in a journal. Then, I use the remaining space to write "tools" that'll help me complete my resolution! (Ex: GET HEALTH = fitness clothes, water bottle, place to workout, time to workout, workout buddy, outdoor activities, indoor activities, etc). I also include budgets and fun ideas I find online that might be helpful later.

And lastly, 

5. HAVE FUN: Resolutions are ways to keep your mind, body and soul engaged and constantly at work. The only competition is YOU. If you need to dial it back, do so. These resolutions shouldn't control you. If you're slacking, there's no reason to feel like a failure! There's always tomorrow!

Keep Your Head Up & Your Heart Strong


By Zoe Njemanze