About Your 2017 Fitness Goals

As the New Year approaches, getting in shape, losing weight, working out more, etc. are all common resolutions people set for themselves. Approaching these goals however, is something that must be handled with caution. Here’s some tips for anyone who may be setting a fitness related resolution:

1. Stay away from appearance or size related goals.

Saying ‘I want to drop a dress size’ or ‘I want to lose 5 pounds’ sound like solid plans because they’re definite. Once achieved, you can say “Yay, I did it!” and never look back. However, goals like these are the building blocks of self-hatred and body-shaming. Try opting for more health conscious goals instead, like practicing more consistent workout habits or progressing towards a new cleaner diet (“I want to exercise at least 30 min a day for 3 days a week” or “I would like to wean myself off of soda”). Goals like this shift the focus from your appearance to your physical health and wellness. Looking out for yourself/ your health and wanting to change your body are two separate concepts.

2. Don’t expect anything fast.

Results take time. If you wanna run a 5K, that’s absolutely great. Do not expect to hop on a treadmill and push yourself there within a week. There will be days where you feel great and are excited to work out. There will be days where going to the gym sounds like actual death. There will be days where you don’t run or lift as much as you could the day before. Working towards fitness goals is difficult and time consuming. Try not to get discouraged if results are slow to show.

3. Be careful on Instagram.

Navigating through Instagram fitness models is a dangerous task. When all you want is some tips and new workout moves, you get abs on abs and butts on butts on butts. And good for those models who feel proud of their bodies! But it is all too easy to compare yourself to them and feel unhappy with yourself. Katy Hearn’s second account @katyhearnvideos is a great account to find new workouts. The videos are uploaded to correspond with the fitness plans found on her website that are available for purchase, but nothing’s wrong with just sampling her moves for free!

4. You might need help.

Another awesome fitness lady is Nicole Mejia (@nicole_mejia on Instagram). She does a wonderful job of balancing the importance of fitness and body positivity on her social media and just generally empowering women. If you need some extra structure and motivation, her app ‘Fit and Thick’ is great. The app offers workouts written by women, for women. There’s step-by-step visuals and descriptions for each move, different level settings from beginner to advanced, recommended weight ranges, and more. As long as you can get yourself to the gym, the rest is all planned out for you.

5. The only thing you really need is water.

Going back to being cautious on Instagram, extra supplements, detox teas, and fat burners may start to seem appealing. The truth is, those products can’t beat actually putting in the physical work. Spending money on those product is unnecessary and you never know if the model promoting them has ever even tried it. One thing that’s free and can do wonders? Water. Drinking water is great pre-workout, during-workout, and post-workout. So get hydrated and good luck in 2017!

No matter what you do or do not achieve this coming year, know that you are worthy and we are proud of you!