Big Booty Workout Plan

You asked. We delivered. To the Venus that requested booty tips, here you go. 

1) SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT: The squat is THE power move for strengthening and toning the butt.  Weighted squats, body weight squats, whatever squats you want.  Not only do they work your glutes, they also are a great overall move for your leg muscles.  Doing the squat correctly is important, so make sure your bodyweight is focused on your heels, you're getting as low as your mobility allows, and that your upper body is upright. 

2) Hill Sprints / Explosive Jumping:  Have you ever seen sprint athletes? They have incredible gluteal muscles.  Why? Because they focus on high speed, explosive movements that really build muscles in their legs, especially their glutes, which help extend the leg and push the body forward or upward.  Plyometric exercises, like jump squats, running lunges, and 180 switch squats, are a great way to work on explosive jumping and your glutes.  Finding a steep hill nearby and doing 8-10 all-out sprints up the hill (with rest in between of course) is also a great way to strengthen your glutes.

3) Other Exercises: There are a TON of different exercises you could do in addition to work on your butt.  Running will burn off excess fat that could show the musculature of your butt, lunges strengthen your butt as well, biking on high resistance is a great way as well, etc.  Do something you enjoy doing and find what works for you.  Any form of physical activity involving your legs can work to strengthen your butt; it is used in most movements.

4) Even though there are all these great ways to strengthen your gluteal muscles, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.  We are all born with different genes and how our bodies are shaped.  Some people will never need to strengthen and tone their butts, but have "perfectly" shaped butts, while others will have rock hard butt muscles, but have genetics that don't allow for the shape they want.  The important thing to focus on, no matter what your genetics allow, is strengthening your muscles for optimal health and a sense of confidence.  It's an amazing feeling to leg press 2, 3, 4 times your body weight, or run a really fast race, or just feel fit.  Focusing on a fitness goal such as number of squats, sprint time, or running a 5K is a great way to work on your butt as well as seeing your progress over time in a way you can control.  


Happy working out!

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