Packing Done Right

Packing: it’s the dreaded task that comes along with traveling. I am definitely one that is guilty of over packing. Even for a weekend getaway my roommates will question if I’m ever returning based on the amount of bags I carry out one after another. Look, a girl’s got to have options! I don’t know about you guys, but while packing I seem to like to come up with unlikely scenarios to be prepared for which results in packing a suitcase with about ¾ of unnecessary items that will probably be left touched. So, I decided to come up with a guide to help you (because you’re obviously reading this article for a reason) and I become better packers. Try these tips below:


1. Prior to packing, plan your outfits. Opt for versatile clothing that will mix and match easily together. The goal is to bring the least amount of clothing items as possible so the more you can wear again with that same pair of jeans, the better (you’ll be surprised how many outfit variations you can come up with too).

2. Wrap belts around inner perimeter of your suitcase.

3. Fold pants in half and lay them along the bottom of the suitcase with the ends of the legs hanging over the edge. Repeat with all bottoms alternating sides. After all the clothing packing is complete, bring the pant legs over the top so they’re wrapped around rolled items.



4. Roll your clothing. It will save you a large amount of space vs. folding!

5.Pack your undergarments and socks inside your shoes.

6. Start your first layer with heavier items on the bottom. Begin with storing your shoes in first then follow with jackets, sweaters, etc.

     TIP: if you outfit planned, try storing each outfit into individual Ziploc bags. This will make          things easier and help you stay organized.

7. Accessorize to increase your outfit variations without bringing additional clothing.   

8. Toiletry bags go on top for easy access along with any other items you might need immediately.

9. You have officially completed the dreaded task of packing! Whoo, congrats!


Thank you New Darlings for the thumbnail photo.

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