The iceberg is TIPPING: A Story of Identity Crisis During Finals.

MENTAL DISORDERS! We all have them or we all know someone who has them. They love coming and showing their ugly faces during important stressful times such as Finals, weddings, funerals, first day of school, going to a new restaurant in a new setting…. the list goes on.  

So, when else is the perfect time to question our own personal sanity and state of being other than during finals when we should be focusing on our studies? This is something I did this past week. Things went through my head such as “What am I doing with my life?”, “What am I even doing to benefit society?” and most common, “What will I even DO with an Anthropology degree?” I made the grand decision, which many of us do, to go to my friends and family to seek self-validation. None of them, with the exception of a particular individual, gave me the answer I wanted. In fact, they gave me the opposite. They returned my questions with the exact same questions only re-worded. For example, “Well, what ARE you going to do with Anthropology?” The chaotic mess which developed inside me (after their mirroring of my exact question) was not their fault. We need to remember during these times that the opinion of our friends and family members, though appreciated, is not needed. The person whose opinion matters the most is our own. Love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself so much so that when someone questions your state of being you can just smile and think “They don’t know me like I know me and they will never get the opportunity to with their pre-misconceptions.”

I realized this after a day… two… okay three days and a half of self-reflection that MY OPINION and mine alone is the sole opinion which matters to me. Yes, take constructive criticism as it comes. If a friend comes up to you and tells you “Hey you are literally losing it, why are you leaving your cat in a cardboard box while you’re in another country for 20 days? That is animal abuse.” Then listen to what they say and maybe reconsider your animal ownership license.

Now I know we are all overtly busy with studying for finals but as soon as you let that letter grade define you as a person-- repeat this phrase “My grades do not define me as a person and I have limitless possibilities.” I know it’s silly to talk to yourself in the vegetable aisle at the grocery store but sometimes that’s what it takes.

Go on a walk.

We don’t realize how much time we spend sitting studying, on our computer, crying in the bathroom… activities all done inside, yet all important activities. Try taking them outside. If it is raining, leave a window open and listen to the rain drip as you read about politics of race and violence in Brazil (Very specific reference, I know).

Crying is so normal.

Go on a walk in the rain and cry. No one is judging you. We are literally all crying. Finals brings out the best in us. Coming closer to graduation time brings out the best in us. You may never know what you want to do, heck my mom is a nurse practitioner and still doesn’t know what she wants to do.

Don’t be angry with yourself.

Remember, in the end, as many like to say “You are all you have” But please! Share yourself with the rest of us. Don’t be Greedy! Make some friends in a similar situation and bond over the massive hotpot of insanity which you love about yourselves!


And to those of you giving advice to the friend having the panic attack, tell them this “Hey, you’re amazing and this is just a moment in many years of your life which is just a minor setback. If this doesn’t work, the next thing will. I love you no matter what, you brilliant bean you.”



P.S. Please visit our facemask recommendation post. A little skin care can go a long way for your mental state while  in the midst of studying.