Learn to Say NO

Do you ever feel like you HAVE to say yes to someone or something no matter how badly you want to say no? Maybe when your friend is always asking for big favors, when your boss is pushing extra hours on you, or even if your boyfriend is pressuring you into things. What if you could find the courage to say no? Would you say it, or would you cave into society's pressures and say yes?

Illustration by  Holly

Illustration by Holly

First off, learning to say no to people may be one of the hardest things you do, but it will change your life! You will finally be in control of your life and not be letting others control you like a puppet. This is YOUR LIFE.

Secondly, it is ok to say no to people. I know you want to please people, but YOU come first. There is no reason to feel guilty or like you are letting someone down if you tell them no. You aren't being selfish; you are taking care of yourself.

I'm sure you're thinking “yeah, easier said than done”... I know where you are coming from! I was once there too. So here's some steps to build up your self esteem and and courage to say NO!

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, make up a scenario in your head where you would feel pressured to say yes, look yourself straight in the eyes and (out loud) say no.

  2. Start small! Start with your  family and friends.

  3. Here's where it gets a little more personal for each and every person. Sometimes it takes almost everything you have to say “no” at the moment, but you feel a million times better after. Trust your heart and gut. They are usually right. So spit it out to that person! Tell them why you are saying “no.” Hopefully they will admire your courage and take you seriously.

Again, sometimes saying no is perfectly fine. You just need to work on how to stand up to the people who ask too much of you. Did you know that it's actually good for your health because it lessens your stress?! Who wants those stress lines??