New Year Retrospection / Beach Bod Introspection

An overwhelming science fact: the moon pulls the oceans, the Earth pulls the moon, the sun pulls the Earth, the Milky Way is one of innumerable, being pulled by the gravity of some great attractor.
I think we fixate on appearances because they are a tangible controllable variable in a vastly incomprehensible existence. We see less than a 1% of the linear spectrum of waves vibrating on the electromagnetic spectrum (less than 3% logarithmically). = there is infinite! potential for aesthetic, hues we will never see. 
Anything that can be categorized has been assigned some value of power, that which permits action, both constructive and catabolic, all of it inherently hierarchal. If you cannot see an ancient tree or temple, does it carry the same metaphorical weight? The same question goes for a body. 
Space is sexy, but it's also romantic. Most stars live in binary systems. Objects orbit, attract, destroy one another. They, we, are very far apart. They, we, are connected by gravity and time.
Are drawings for doctors - cells, tendons, gristle, goo - beautiful because they are interesting? Why don't we hang graphs of sine curves or seismology in galleries? (if someone does, which is highly possibly truth, how might I attend that exhibit?)

I am an unfairly melancholic foreigner on a glittering island of tropical paradise. I write from a nation whose citizens have struggled for democracy for almost 90 years ("nothing," chuckles the scientist) in a historical, precedented pendulum of power, violence, persuasion, & learned societal acceptance. I am trying to BE FULLY PRESENT. I do not wish to be distracted by comparative body image, bathing suits, breakfast, a boyfriend, books about brilliant humanitarian physiopathologists, or blood.


By Hazel O'Neil.

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