Britney Spears is my Idol

I remember sitting on the floor at a very young age, scanning the room for my Scary Spice doll and microphone (which was actually just a round hairbrush). My sister, who at the time, still enjoyed sharing her bedroom with me, helped me gather all of the necessary accessories in order to begin. She snatched the cassette tape from my sticky hands and put it in the Barbie karaoke machine with the right side up. 

We played all of the Britney Spears songs, and then we played them again. We danced like little divas and we sang like we sounded good.  

Perhaps memories like these is what has caused the soft spot in my heart for Britney. Maybe it was her meltdown in 2007 that has excused all of the embarrassing events that should keep me up all night. I know that it was her comeback in 2008 that has given me hope when I hear her songs play on a throwback playlist. But its definitely due to how amazing her newest album is that I cry every time my sister plays it in the car. 

Her music is as beautiful as she is. She is an amazing mother, and she's strong. Britney Spears is my idol. I'm proud and in love and inspired all at the same time. Oh, and she kissed Madonna.

Cori ClementsComment