Standing Up For Science in 2017

For so many environmentalists, scientists, advocators of equality, and women 2016 was hard to experience. And although we’re glad it’s over, 2017 is still scary. We want 2017 to be a year of combating hateful rhetoric and standing up for what we believe is right. We want to stand up for science. And we have a couple resources for you to join in on and help fight for science in 2017.

500 Women Scientists
This amazing movement discusses how science is a fundamental aspect of building a successful society and the results of the recent U.S. Presidential Election threaten not only the progress of science but also reverse the discoveries/achievements made. Check out their pledge here to read more about their concern and fight for minority groups and women. You can take the pledge yourself and join the (currently) 11,910 women and allies who have already done so. While you’re on their page make sure to check out their news and updates to learn more about how you can help.

Association of Women in Science
AWIS is an organization for women in STEM. Their vision is for women in STEM to be “compensated fairly and without discrimination, advanced equitably and without bias, exposed to successful role models in leadership positions, and recognized and respected for their scientific and leadership achievements.” You can check and see if there is an affiliate group or chapter in your area here to get connected to other women in STEM fields. We will be sure to add upcoming events to our calendar for the Austin affiliate group!

Wise Women Will Save the World is a new website providing resources, topics of concern and other content to help a healthy planet. The site focuses on a wide range of issues including ethics and global cultures but also environmental issues. You can check out their many playlists of content, share videos, and check out their recommendations on how to be a Change Leader and Influencer. We’re excited to see how the site progresses in its development!


We hope these resources can help to get you inspired to take a stand in 2017!