EXCLUSIVE: Lonely On Christmas by Tia Gold

Tia Gold is a Houston native singer/songwriter who has been performing since she was 17 and songwriting well before that. Working alongside LA-based Producer Chris Rockaway and Director Colin C. K. Njemanze, Tia Gold has graced us with the exclusive premiere of her latest single, Lonely on Christmas. Tia Gold’s smooth vocals and catchy chorus make Lonely on Christmas sound eerily familiar and easily loveable, despite the title. In fact, if you happen to be going through a breakup, this might be your new favorite Christmas hit. Tia considers her singing style to be Urban/Pop and is constantly mixing in music elements from other popular genres to create her unique and captivating sound.

Lonely on Christmas is directed by filmmaker and friend Colin C. K. Njemanze. Together, Tia and Colin were able to create a charming music video that embodies all things Christmas, but still retains the spirit of heartbreak. The music video draws inspiration from the Supremes, with a 1960’s period piece. I personally love the camcorder footage in the music video! I sat down with Tia for a tell-all interview, so be on the lookout for that! In the meantime, go ahead and put the song on repeat and turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP-- with a song this good no one can blame you.

Lonely on Christmas is available on iTunes, Spotify and TIDAL.

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