Girl Gang Gift Guide

This year for our gift guide I wanted to feature the incredible Venus team and give you ways to support their work! Our writers, illustrators, and photographers work so hard to create beautiful, important content and they deserve some love. Commission your next art piece or photoshoot with our team or buy some of our stickers to support your local girl gang.  You can also donate directly to our operations.

Alex Guillen

Alex is the mastermind behind our new Tamagotchi sticker and is a recent graduate from UT Austin (Hire her!!). She has some incredible paintings for sale as well as her hand-drawn (and customizable) stickers. Order a few for yourself and your gals and support our girl gang. Find your perfect gift on her Etsy.

Kassidy Curry

Kassidy is the main photographer for Venus and a brilliant artist. It just so happens that she also has an adorable rescue pit named Venus! Book her for your photoshoots and order some of her prints to gift your friends and fam this year. 

Chloe Gillmar

Chloe is the embroiderer behind our sold out hats! Commission your dream hoop or make your friend's day with a cute custom design. Her stitching is incredible and you'll be as obsessed as we are. 

Holly Walsh

Holly is one of our main illustrators and an international girl gang member! She hails from the U.K. and luckily found us on Instagram and changed our lives. She created the design for our t-shirt and postcard as well as our Venus Gals buttons. She is available for commissions including portraits, show posters, prints, and anything your heart desires!

This is by no means the entire Venus staff and you should follow us on Instagram to see more. The Venus team is so thankful for all of your support this year and hopes you all have a great holiday season and new year!