Graduation Pep Talk

In my last semester of college I went through stages of excitement, fear, and nostalgia on the daily. Panic was a recurring theme as I walked into the dense fog that the impending future resided in.  Eventually though, the fog cleared and the future slowly came into focus. As someone on the other side of graduation, I am here to tell you: It. Will. Be. Okay.  There are so many different options out there after graduation from continuing education to finding jobs to traveling; it’s overwhelming. But take a deep breath and know that you’ve made it this far-- it will work itself out. In the meantime, here are some tips to help stop the panic.

Make a plan.

Organizing the chaos will help you keep a positive mindset about the future coming
together. Here are a few ways you can make a plan:

  • Write down the deadlines of applications for jobs, school, and leases.
  • Make a general timeline for what you need to complete by certain dates and what components go into completing these tasks.
  • Write down all the resources you have to complete these tasks. This includes references, mentors, and friends. Lean on your resources to help you get through this time and garner on their experiences to guide your own.
  • Track your budget to estimate your spending if you don’t already. Not being a student can be an adjustment in terms of expenses, depending on how much help you have from financial aid or family.

Embrace the uncertainty .

How AWESOME is it that your life is uncertain because it could go in so many different directions? Life is an adventure, and wherever it takes you will lead you to find new possibilities you have never even conceived. As hard as it is to “float” and “go with the flow”, embrace the fluidity of this stage of life. The possibilities in transitioning are endless. It is a great time to be open to new ideas or roles you had never previously imagined and see where it takes you!

Open up to your support community about how you’re feeling in this time.

If all of your friends and family are in the same timeline, opening communication between one another will help keep you all accountable for staying positive in this confusing time. If you’re all in different life timelines, you can bounce your experience off of theirs and garner some advice.

Recenter yourself.

Make a list of what you’re passionate about, why you’re passionate about it, and the purposes of your pursuits. This will help you focus your energy AWAY from the negatives and panic, and towards the goals you have for yourself and for your role in society.

Take breaks from it all.

Sometimes the constant stressing and thinking about the future or the next step is unhealthy; sometimes you just need to take a break and practice some self care to refresh yourself. Read a book. Watch some Netflix. Go for a walk. Spend time with some friends. Don’t let the pressures consume you; make sure you’re getting away from it from time to time.

Be confident in yourself.

You have worked your whole life to be who you are today and your knowledge, abilities, and skills will propel you into the future. Exuding confidence in your endeavors will not only help you feel more secure but also will show others that you are capable of filling your dream role-- whatever that may be.


You. Got. This. The future is coming fast, but just take it like an adventure and enjoy the ride!