Selena: La Reina de la Musica Tejana

"La Loteria" mural in downtown Austin. Photo by Alyssa Ramos.

"La Loteria" mural in downtown Austin. Photo by Alyssa Ramos.

Selena’s music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Between my sister, my mom, and myself, it wasn’t unusual to hear Selena playing throughout the house when I was growing up. Selena grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and since I am from there originally, it was natural for me to feel connected to her-- especially since she is still so worshipped throughout the city. As a hispanic woman, I can say that Selena has always been one of those figures I’ve looked up to-- like the Beyoncé of Tejano music. She is credited with making a genre of music that was heavily male-dominated become mainstream. Her flawlessness on stage and insane vocals made her an absolute spectacle to watch.

Photo from  Latina

Photo from Latina

In a 1995 interview with Billboard Magazine, she was described as a "cross between Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston in style, feel, and vocal range". She was often criticized for her choice of clothing (that she frequently made herself) because it consisted of cute bustiers and tight pants and the majority of her audience were young girls. Selena disregarded these comments, and showed girls they could embrace and be comfortable with their curvy bodies without being sexualized. Besides setting a powerful example for women everywhere, she helped out with multiple charities where she performed benefit concerts and visited schools to talk about the importance of finishing your education. She was smart, beautiful, talented, and had a smile that could brighten your entire day. We honor you and thank you for every barrier you broke down, and every stride you made for women and the hispanic/latinx community. We miss you, Selena.


Here are some awesome pictures taken by Erin Chancy at the Fiesta de la Flor festival in Corpus Christi, TX. March 24-25th, 2017. The statue you see is the Selena Memorial in Corpus Christi on Shoreline Blvd.


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